Monday, 21 February 2011


The Fuddled Medic likes food, especially when coming back from a tiring day clerking patients or playing sport to find his housemate has cooked a wonderful dinner. A decent meal will make you feel refreshed and energise.

Feeling refreshed and energised might seem like a good think? Unfortunately patients wont feel like this on the wards in a huge proportion of hospitals.

What scared the FM most was the government response. It was all about GPs and the new changes. Readers may know that the FM is sceptical of these NHS reforms. From what has been said on the dispatches program it seems that any criticisms of the NHS will be met by this . . . .

"We are giving GPs all these powers, so that the public can themselves raise standars and GPs will be able to say what they want doing."

But without significant resources GPs wont be able to make a difference and the FM feels that these reforms are in place so the government can devolve blame to the GP.

But the FM is a bit of a cynic

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  1. Having been a punter in hospitals myself over the past few years, there's not much worse than waiting around all day in a bed looking forward to a meal only to be presented with something that looks like a plate of cold sick. :-P Good way of losing weight though!
    Then again, I suppose we make the worst patients don;t we?