Monday, 13 December 2010


Professionalism is a big word branded around to medical students and the need to act in a professional way. To ensure we do so perhaps we should be registered with the GMC during our time in medical school?

And if so, from what stage? Day 1? Some people have suggested from clinical years but in a significant number of medical schools this would not be practical.

Personally the FM is against the idea. Medical students are taught (and hopefully looked after) by the medical school. Therefore the FM believes medical schools should have the responsbility of deciding if someone has acted unprofessionally and if so what action should be taken.

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  1. Professionalism is learned and does not come with being bound to it by the GMC. Being registered isn't just a title of professionalism it also comes with the notion that you are responsible for your professionalism and your work as a medical student which is ridiculous as you're learning. Your registration with the GMC will come once you qualify and competent enough for it. Same with Nurses, Physios, O.T's etc. Though I'm sure the NMC would love to regulate Nursing Student's if they could.