Sunday, 4 July 2010

Another sensible suggestion?

Yes, Michael Gove is right that it would be best to return to the more tradition A-level system where students take their exams at the end of upper sixth, as opposed to throughout the two year a-level course.
This is a good thing, lower sixth should be a time to relax and develop your interests in the subject and not focusing on exams. For A-level chemistry I sat six different papers, to revise for this I did every past paper available for each paper. As there were approximately 10 past papers per difference module I did about 60 past papers per subject. As a result when I took the real things there weren’t that many questions that I had not seen in one form or the other.
Is this a good thing? Is this what A-levels are for, to prepare you to jump through hoops? Suppose you could argue that life is generally becoming more and more a game to get through. Got an OSCE coming up? No problem just polish up on your act and memorise statements such as “to complete my examination I would look at the observation chart, check the sputum pot and see a CXR.”
Don’t bother about learning stuff properly; just remember to rehearse various answers.

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